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New Retailer Packs.

Signup to become a new retailer of Adult Wholesale NZ, and we will supply you with a sample pack with your first order, all you need to do is, create an account, and place an order for some items, and we will supply you with a range of testers, these can be used as testers in your bricks and mortar store, used as stock on your website, or can be used to try our items.

That is how much we back the products we sell. With good feedback already from most products available, you can be assured that we only stock the best quality, best priced products available on the market today.

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How to become a Retailer.

As we only sell to retailers we don’t sell to the general public, if you want to purchase from us you will need to apply to become a retailer.

To do this, click the Become a Retailer button at the top of the Page or CLICK HERE

Complete the form, and we will review the details and set you up as an account. Currently only accepting retail applications for NZ based businesses.

We supply a wide range of products and some natural organic ranges, items made in NZ and more.